Nisbet Oration

Thomas Nisbet

Thomas Alwyn Nisbet was one of the early practitioners of Radiology in Australia. Nisbet’s father, W.A. Nisbet, practised Radiology in Townsville having learned the techniques in the Boer War. He initially practised in Brisbane at the Mater Hospital before moving to Sydney in 1929 where he commenced practice in Diagnostic Radiology and Radiotherapy.

Nisbet was a prime mover in the formation of an association of radiologists, which culminated in the first annual meeting in 1935 at which he became foundation President.

Tom Nisbet’s contributions to the early years of the College were commemorated in the form of the Nisbet Symposium Lecture at the College’s Annual Scientific Meeting.

In 2006, the College Board of Directors incorporated the Nisbet Symposium into the College’s Annual Ceremony, and has since become known as the Nisbet Oration and a key event at the College’s Annual Scientific Meeting.


Professor Brian P. Schmidt AC FAA FRS

Vice-Chancellor and President, The Australian National University

2011 Nobel Laureate Physics

Brian Schmidt

Professor Brian P. Schmidt was appointed Vice-Chancellor and President of The Australian National University (ANU) in January 2016.

Professor Schmidt is the 12th Vice-Chancellor of The Australian National University (ANU). Winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor Schmidt was an astrophysicist at the ANU Mount Stromlo Observatory and Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics before becoming Vice-Chancellor.

Professor Schmidt received undergraduate degrees in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Arizona in 1989, and completed his Astronomy Master's degree (1992) and PhD (1993) from Harvard University. Under his leadership, in 1998, the High-Z Supernova Search team made the startling discovery that the expansion rate of the Universe is accelerating. Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, The United States Academy of Science, and the Royal Society, he was made a Companion of the Order of Australia in 2013.